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The Spatial Analytics and Visualization Institute (SAVI) announces its Fall 2022 workshop series, offering professionals and students innovative hands-on skill development in spatial analytics. In November, SAVI presents 3-hour lab sessions led by expert instructors from private industry and higher education. Individual workshop fees range from $275 (early bird) to $300 (regular) while the full program fee varies from $975 to $1000. SJSU students can access these workshops for free, thanks to support from Public Interest Technology University Network and Mary Brugo endowment.

Courses include “Python Basics” for understanding Python’s applications and libraries, “Intro to Geographic Information Science using R” focusing on GIS analysis with R, “Applied Time Series Analysis & Forecasting” offering theoretical and practical insights, and “Introduction to QGIS” guiding users through basic and advanced QGIS features. Additionally, the “Drone Mapping, GIS, and Environmental Science” workshop details the structure of drone mapping classes, encompassing assessments, flight operations, imagery processing, data analysis, and preparation for the FAA Part 107 examination.

Participants can access registration and detailed course descriptions for each workshop through the provided links. These workshops aim to equip attendees with practical spatial analysis and visualization skills applicable across various industries and fields of interest.

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