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Dr. Yang is presenting research of CitizenScienceGIS group at UCF research week UCF Research Week celebrates the research and creative projects of the entire UCF community. Representing Citizen Science GIS at UCF, Dr. Bo Yang presented “Multi-spectral drone mapping over Indian River Lagoon” to illustrate the drone mapping fieldwork we accomplished recently at UCF. This research was in preparation for the new $1.3M NSF eelgrass mapping project led by Dr. Timothy Hawthorne. While we weren’t looking at eelgrass here, we were using the fieldwork to train our student team in the drone data collection protocols we will use later in the eelgrass project on the west coast of North America.

The collaborative grant includes faculty and students from a variety of universities and organizations, including MarineGeo at the Smithsonian Institution, Cornell University, University of California-Davis, and University of Central Florida. The collaborative grant was awarded in July by the NSF Biological Oceanography Program to a team of researchers led by Principal Investigator Dr. Emmett Duffy of the Smithsonian Institution.