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Bo Yang’s pioneering use of drone technology revolutionizes GIS research. As an assistant professor at San José State University’s Department of Urban and Regional Planning, he employs drones to explore coastal ecosystems and wildfires. Securing a National Science Foundation grant, Yang and co-investigators plan to engage students from various institutions in drone-assisted studies. Using diverse sensors and cutting-edge technology, they monitor seagrass changes due to environmental factors. Yang’s interdisciplinary student teams face challenges, from seagull attacks to coastal winds, but their commitment to extracting valuable data remains unshaken. Moreover, his collaboration with the Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center delves into fire behavior analysis, showcasing the efficacy of drones in extreme environments. Yang fosters student engagement, offering hands-on drone experience, and encourages involvement in SJSU’s GIS & Drone Society. His efforts extend to high school programs, illustrating the broad impact of drone technology in modern research and education.

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