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Professor Bo Yang showcased our ongoing drone and remote sensing projects in a comprehensive presentation to the Department of Meteorology and Climate Science at SJSU. View the full presentation below!

A special thank you to Dr. Minghui Diao for the invitation to organize this seminar within the SJSU College of Science MetCS.

This presentation delved into hashtag#dronemapping, hashtag#photogrammetry, hashtag#LiDAR, and their applications, notably in wildfire research. We extend our appreciation to the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at San Jose State University, along with individuals Owen Hussey, Xiangyu REN, Henri Brillon, Dr. Craig Clements, Dr. Kate Wilkin, Dr. Julia Gaudinski, and Dr. Alex Filkov for their support and contributions.

Stay tuned for more updates and collaborative endeavors as we explore the realms of drone technology, remote sensing, and GIS at SJSU!

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